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You missed the point. These "theories" are nonsense. When they are offered The very first time, the 3rd time, or even the umpteenth time, one particular may well hope that you'd eventually find out what a waste within your efforts they stand for. They do not advantage rebuttal -- They may be devoid of any justification or reason in addition to lacking supporting proof and argument, so it seems pointless to debate them.

The appropriate reaction to these mindless "theories" is actually to point out their vacuity. They solution no inquiries, and they're absurd on their face -- you got nothin'.

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Even the University was quite conservative, so far as I'm able to inform. Just before then, beneath the Bentivoglio, Bologna was not conservative in any respect, like its University (Platonism flourished, at the very least in a few departments). The period of time in question is exactly some time under the Bentivoglio. Hence we cannot generalize from later on hundreds of years for the fifteenth. Sad to say, partly as a result of wholesale destruction of Bentivoglio property at some time with the regime-adjust, We all know minor about card generation under the Bentivoglio.

The "primary chess/enjoying card thesis" - when there is one particular - is probably going from Johannes of Rheinfelden, relative up to date for the start off of enjoying card development in Europe, and likely extra while in the state of an observer. A maybe next great title can be Breithaupt, who wrote in regards to the concern, and somebody with an analogous spectrum might have been chess master Antonius Van Der Linde, who experienced also historic passions, and you also would've your enjoyment with him, if you should be able to read his German texts.

viewtopic.php?f=11&t=460 ... that is just my try to understand a little bit extra from Chess background. additional info That's without a doubt a complex planet of its individual. Probably just after this you may do somewhat more, than simply functioning all over and crying "folly, folly, folly" in see of my proposal.

A similarity to your common Tarot motifs and recreation composition is neither recognized in the game composition nor inside the motifs. The similarity into the Tarot game is only regarded from the pretty rudimentary match regulations.

But what is certain is that the numberer had a full typical list of trumps - excepting the Popess possibly - before him, not 16.

Effectively, as that is a common element in actively playing card conclusions, you appear to argument, that there's a rule (certainly I remember, that Ross when utilised this argument), that surviving decks of the early time Will need to have dropped cards. Very well, this was an absurd speculation - only explainable by a momentary state of some blindness in logic.

I will handle the chess theory subsequent. Nevertheless this thread is giving a number of prospects for even further clarification on points that have been bothering me, And that i needed to get straight within the Charles VI's numbers very first.

You guess. The gross sales pitch has become taking place, on Lothar/Huck's web pages plus the Tarot fora, because 2003, And that i posted the 1st detailed reply in 2004.

As a didactic approach in some way justified, but commencing it with Descartes methods with the unknown to your acknowledged evokes some attainable jokes.

You haven't lifted an individual concern which your so-identified as "theory" clarifies; the basic thought is terrible together with needless; plus the depths and intricacies of your fantasy is a tad creepy.

We are able to notice that the earliest known documentation on the A order, not long ago discovered by Thierry Depaulis, a poem identified as a "strambotto", of round the 12 months 1500, lists the trumps in exactly the order from the Charles VI, While using the exception which the playing cards area the Chariot higher than Fortune ("Rota", the Wheel). This latter ordering is similar to the other Florentine creation, the Minchiate.

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